The images for Fantasy were done purely from the point of view of play and fun. All images are based in the same cat, my dear cat Aazure, who passed away on a very sad day, on March 21, 2009. My goal was to see how many different faces I could paint from my imagination... I can remember that at times my cat looked like an owl... These images were started about 3 years ago in painting programs for the iPhone. The Fantasy images were later repainted in the iPad to get more detail. The programs that I used were PhotoForge and Brushes. To get the large scale images I utilized Perfect Resize.

Inspired by poet Edward Lear, but a completely different story, Fantasy, the movie evolved as I dreamed about it. Every morning for two months I woke up at 3:30 am and worked on the movie until 8:30 am. This was done in Motion, Final Cut Pro, and Photoshop.

My alphabet has been an ongoing project for about 20 years. The original images were done with a very simple fractal program in my Amiga computer. The computer was discarded when it stopped working, and with it went the fractal program. The Alphabet is based on the 20 amino acids that form protein of everything that is alive. DNA contains the coded information that specifies the order in which these amino acids are joined together to form a particular protein. Biochemists have assigned letters to these amino acids and these letters form an alphabet. My alphabet is also comprised of these twenty letters. Simplified chemical formulas of the 20 amino acids were put into the fractal program and new images for my alphabet developed. See A Future Language (1994), an exhibit at Genesee Center for the Arts in Genesee Community College. My alphabet evolved further with Alphabet Books (2005), and Memories (2005). Exhibits showing the evolution of my work are in, my archive website, listed in my Other Websites.

A current ongoing project is a book of memories where each letter of my alphabet is a chapter in my life, in essence a painted autobiography. Each letter is a constellation of smaller images (stars). For an example see A is for Art shown at the NTID Dyer Arts Center Gallery in 2006. See my website listed in my Other Websites. Another letter completed, but not in this website is F is for Fantasy, this letter was exhibited at A Different Path Gallery in April 2012.  Future letters also in the works are: M is for Mother, P is for Places, and G is for Gourmet.

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